Pool Opening:

  • Remove pool cover, rinse, fold and allow for drying prior to storage.
  • Install all pool pumps, heater trays, support equipment…
  • Remove all winterizing plugs.
  • Prime and start pool plumbing system, inspect for leaks.
  • Vacuum entire pool, clean tile/waterline, brush pool.
  • Install ladders, railings…
  • Add water sanitizing agents and chemically balance pool for swimming.
  • Delivery ready for swimming use, $425, all labor and chemicals included. 

Weekly Pool Services:

  • Backwash and rinse filter (sand & DE filters) or wash cartridge filters.
  • Add DE to filter if needed.
  • Test water chemistry to maintain sanitary condition and water clarity/quality.
  • Clean tile/waterline.
  • Empty skimmer & pump baskets and remove debris from premises.
  • Vacuum entire pool using our portable cleaning equipment.
  • Add chemicals as needed to maintain sanitary water for swimming.
  • Brush entire pool.
  • $109 per week all labor and chemicals included.

Pool Closing:

  • Coming Soon

In addition to standard recurring services we offer a full range of repair and restoration services, the following is a partial list:

  • Marble dusting and tile repair and replacement.
  • Liner replacement.
  • Pool heater repair and replacement.
  • Pool filter & pool pump repair and replacement.
  • Remote control installation and repair.
  • Safety cover installation/repair.
  • Safety fence installation.
  • Deck repair/replacement.
  • Fence repair and replacement.

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